The whitepaper on “Global Food Contact Compliance”, proposed by Dr. Sarah Peter, provides an introduction to how to comply with food contact regulations in different regions, with a focus on regulation for plastic food contact materials.

Food contact regulatory requirements around the world are complex with different regions requiring their own notifications (US, EU, China, South America, etc.) for new food contact substances as well as compliance specifications for food contact materials.

The whitepaper discusses Food Contact Compliance in the European Union (EU), with a main focus on European Regulation, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Plastic Food Contact Materials, as well as requirements of EU. It also describes how to achieve food contact compliance.

The paper also reflects the food contact compliance in the US, China and Switzerland. The focus of the paper is to provide the latest information on regulatory requirements in key markets including, EU and USA. It highlights how regulations vary from region to region and what is required for compliance.

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About the author

Dr. Sarah Saminadin-Peter

Food Contact Expert, HERS, Intertek

She is a Regulatory affairs project manager, expert in the Food Contact sector that embraces food contact materials and materials in contact with drinking water. She has a solid experience in worldwide regulations (EU, US, China, Mercosur, GCC, etc.). She also hosts regulatory training at client or in seminar (internal and external).


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