Flexible Packaging Innovations

The whitepaper on “Flexible Packaging Innovations”, proposed by Dr. Jaikumar Raikar, throws light on the natural packaging as well as innovations in flexible packaging. Natural food such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains are the wonderful examples of packaging provided by Nature for its preservation. All fruits and vegetables, which are high on water content, are provided adequate packaging not to lose water by evaporation during its life time.

Flexible packaging itself was an innovation within innovation, to replace rigid packaging, to match its preservation characteristics, often at a cost of reduced shelf life, to provide mainly cost benefits with enhanced marketability. At present time, the flexible packaging technology has advanced so much that anything and everything can be packaged in the packaging format.

The paper describes how the flexibles entered into the packaging world, and brought innovations into light. It also reflects the different packaging formats and significant innovations in flexible packaging.

Doctorate in Polymers Technology and possesses working experience of three decades. Retired from Huhtamaki PPL as chief of R&D and Technology in 2011 after 15 years of experience in flexible packaging. Since retirement, providing technical consultancy to customers globally in technology and operations of flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging Innovations

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