TasteGuard Ultramax


Holland Colours Offers Pet Bottlers & Drink Brands More Options

Low dosing, enhanced recyclability, and major reductions in scrap rate and energy consumption – Holland Colours is expanding its TasteGuard range of additives for PET with the addition of two new AA scavenger products: TasteGuard Liquid and the highly loaded solid TasteGuard Ultramax – the first of its kind. Along with the first generation TasteGuard, both products can be combined with colors and additional functional additives as a 1-pack solution. Holland Colours’ TasteGuard range has been proven to be as effective as, or even more than, other commercially available solutions. With the launch of TasteGuard Liquid and TasteGuard Ultramax, Holland Colours is offering bottled water brands new options depending on their market, sustainability goals, brand positioning, cost base, and their suppliers’ production technology.

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