Packaging Recycling Obligations

Oversize Packaging

Can the Curse of Oversize Packaging Finally be Laid to Rest?

We have all experienced it. The knock on the door, the sizeable parcel left on the step as the driver waves from the gate and leaves. We carry it off before opening it carefully lest we damage the goods inside. So where are they? A bundle of brown paper or inflatable plastic bags fill the box. We pull them out to reveal – a tiny package inside, perhaps a pen or torch, certainly something which could have been packaged much more suitably. Fear not, help is apparently at hand. Companies have woken to the fact that with so many people now trying to recycle and minimise waste, steps need to be taken. And with the UK Office for National Statistics reporting internet purchases rising to 31.3% of total retail sales, the search is on for ways to overcome the problem.

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