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BOBST drives digital transformation in folding carton sector with launch of connected technology solutions

A combination of new BOBST visionary technologies will bring unparalleled levels of automation and digital transformation to folding carton converters seeking greater agility and efficiency in die-cutting operations. Flatbed die-cutter, MASTERCUT 106 PER, together with the novel digital recipe management tool, TooLink, epitomize the new BOBST vision, unveiled in June, for an entirely connected packaging production system.

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Packaging Manufacturers

15 Essential Metrics And KPIs Guide for Packaging Manufacturers

Analyzing data within the packaging sector does not have to be rocket science. If you work with the correct production metrics and KPIs, it can be pretty easy to understand what is failing and what can be improved at your factory.To help you get that, PackIOT and Packaging 360 have developed a Free Guide to help you understand which are the most appropriate metrics to use in your factory.

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Market Trends
White Papers

Paper packaging : Key Market Trends by Fast Markets RISI

Fluctuating supply and demand levels in any industry can impact prices throughout the supply chain. Knowing when shifts happen and what they mean for your costs will help you negotiate, plan, and report your packaging costs with confidence. Fortunately, you can track key market indicators in the paper industry to understand and anticipate price changes

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Zero-fault packaging
Case Studies

Zero-fault packaging – myth or reality?

Quality is one of the biggest differentiators in the packaging industry. Other factors matter too of course – cost efficiency, sustainability, lead times – but ultimately if packaging fails the quality test, it can jeopardize a whole run, and a customer relationship with it. In some sectors – pharmaceuticals for example – packaging faults can have even more significant consequences.

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EUMOS takes cargo testing for safe transport to the highest level

EUMOS, the European Safe Logistics Association, today launched the revision of its recognized “test method for load unit rigidity” standard ensuring cargo packed on a Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) will travel even more safely from origin to destination. The new EUMOS 40509:2020 will provide the most precise results in relation to any standard regarding load rigidity developed in the past by adding new evaluation elements with respect to the ones foreseen by the original standard EUMOS 40509 from 2012.

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NOVA Chemicals enters high-density biaxially oriented polyethylene market to expand recyclable packaging options

NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NOVA Chemicals) has developed high-density resin technology for the biaxially oriented polyethylene (BOPE) market. HD-BOPE is a transformative technology that enables the manufacture of all-polyethylene, recyclable multilayer film structures with significantly improved physical performance vs blown film. The technology is seen as ideal for use in food packaging, heavy duty sacks, e-commerce and other demanding applications.

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New Funding

New funding will help development of Smart Surface Technology

Inuru, based in Berlin, Germany, has announced a € 2.3 Million Series-A funding round led by the Warsaw based venture capital fund ARIA. It will setup an automated production line to increase production capacities of its recyclable luminous packaging and labelling products. These are capable of lighting up, warning and displaying small animation and even contain videos, in future.

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