Advances in Sustainable FMCG & Food Packaging

Packaging Conclave: Advances in Sustainable FMCG & Food Packaging

Increased awareness about the enormity of the scale of littering & its impact on the environment, the entire supply chain is gearing up to meet sustainability goals in the coming decade.

Brand owners in FMCG & F&B companies have initiated active projects, designed to look at sustainable material options for their products. All supply chain players have realized that the journey is long & full of unseen challenges. With so much of information being available, one needs to convene a forum to discuss the viewpoints of the players involved. While redesigning packaging to meet sustainability criteria is important, the sheer complexity & magnitude of this process, needs collaboration from material suppliers, convertors, ancillary material suppliers, consumers, & waste management service providers. EPR is becoming increasingly important & coming closer to implementation on the ground. The contribution of start -up’s to the sustainable packaging ecosystem cannot be overstated.

Packaging Conclave seeks to bring these diverse thoughts, ideas & strategies on a common forum to inform & discuss the advances made in the area of sustainable packaging for F&B & FMCG sectors.

The conclave will address the following areas: 

  • Key Industry Trends in FMCG & F&B Packaging
  • Advances in Sustainable Packaging materials & Technology
  • Role of Adhesives & Printing Inks used in Packaging
  • Emerging EPR Regime
  • Evaluation of Sustainability & certification tools
  • Packaging Circularity & Design for Sustainability
  • Alternative Packaging Materials
  • Brand Owner’s Perspectives
Who Should Attend ?
  • Food Business Operators
  • FMCG Brand owner Companies
  • Primary Packaging Material suppliers
  • R&D professionals
  • Staff involved in packaging materials Procurement
  • Ancillary Material suppliers
  • Brand owners
  • Retail outlets
  • Professionals from QSR
  • Food Delivery Service providers
  • Plastics Recycling start-ups
  • Plastics Waste Management service providers
  • Eco Friendly Packaging Suppliers
  • Zero waste stores
  • EPR service provide
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