Vacuum Web Metallizing

A whitepaper on “From Packaging to Functional applications”, proposed by Professor Nadir A G Ahmed, throws light on the growing demand for vacuum web metallizers with higher speed and performance to metallize films for flexible packaging and functional applications.

The technology of vacuum web metallizing has been undergoing through continous changes and improvements to meet current and future demands for high quality new products. Meanwhile, the converting industry is also moving from basic decorative to more funtional applications, where uniformity, thickness, barrier, visual apperance, etc becomes important factors in the performance of the end product.

The paper is aimed at highlighting the recent technological advances in vacuum web metallizing and will discuss some of the new processes that can be done inside a standard metallizer.

Professor Nadir A G Ahmed
Professor Nadir A G Ahmed

Professor Nadir A G Ahmed, a professor of advanced materials and nanotechnology has done his BSc in Physics from Basrah University, Iraq, then his MSc and PhD from the University of Salford, UK
Prof. Ahmed was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Environment, University of Salford, UK, from 2004-2013. He is the founder and managing director of Idvac Ltd.

He presented papers in more than 85 international conferences, has more than 90 scientific publications and a book entitled (Ion Plating Technology) published by Wiley & Sons in 1987. He has 5 patents and won 4 SMART awards from the UK Department of Trade & Industry. In March 2013, he won the UK Technology Strategy Innovation Award. In April 2013, he received the GPCA, Dubai, award for product innovation. In April 2014, he was a finalist in the 'Talents in Plastics- Best Researcher' category of GPCA Plastics Excellence Award. In December 2016 he was awarded the Excellence in Holography for product innovation from IHMA, UK. Professor Ahmed is a regular speaker at the International Holography conference and his main activities are in advanced and nano-materials for security, packaging, solar and other niche markets.

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Recent Technological Advances in Vacuum Web Metallizing: From Packaging to Functional applications

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