The whitepaper on “Blue Ocean Strategy | Analysing, Understanding and actioning a Sustainable Packaging Strategy” has been prepared by Richard Quelch, Head of Global Marketing at Origin Pharma.

The paper discusses the harmful impacts of plastic packaging on the ocean environment as well as on wildlife. It’s clear to see that packaging, most notably, single-use plastic packaging, is a problem, but why is it so detrimental to the environment?

Pharmaceutical companies are leading the way in adapting the way they work to benefit the environment and reduce the risk of harming the planet and its native wildlife species.

The paper throws light on the benefits of using sustainable packaging, and how pharmaceutical firms can reduce their carbon footprint.

It provides information about the risks posed by packaging and details about how companies are changing the way they work to protect the environment.

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About the author

Richard Quelch

Global Head of Marketing at Origin Pharma Packaging


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