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Glass Technology

Advances in Glass Technology

1. Production of Lightweight Glass containers
2. NNPB Process for Lightweight Glass containers
3. Glass containers with unique codes for Counterfeit proofing
4. New Innovations in Coloring Forehearth technology
5. Hollow decorated glass containers
6. Cullet Processing System

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Plastic additives

Innovations in Additives, Modifiers & Colorants For Packaging Applications

In this review paper, an attempt has been made to capture the on-going innovations in additives, modifiers & colorants in the emerging scenario going towards establishing a circular economy. We believe these ingredients will continue to be the miracle workers for the conventional oil-based plastics & emerging bio-based polymers & bioplastics. Additives, modifiers & colorants will boost recycling of conventional thermoplastics used in packaging & add value to bioplastics.

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Post-Consumer Recycled

Post-Consumer Recycled PET Film from ESTER Industries Ltd

Ester has developed PCR PET film made up to 100% PCR PET resin. Mr. Girish Bahel, Head- PET film business emphasized that the Post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET film is innovative and sustainable solution, to reduce the carbon footprint on earth and to provide solutions for waste management of plastics materials.

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Flexible Packaging

Recycling of Flexible Packaging Structures

Dr.R.Rangaprasad, in a white paper titled ” Recycling of Flexible Packaging Structures” discusses the complexities of the subject & identifies the challenges involved in the goal to reach circular economy.

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Food & Beverage

Innovation in Caps and Closures

A whitepaper on “Innovation in Caps and Closures” has been prepared by Ravi Shanker Pandey, General Manager at Ravi Enterprises (Star Closures).

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