Adoption of Industry 4.0 in Packaging Industry with Mario Ishikawa

Ep 6 – Adoption of Industry 4.0 in Packaging Industry with Mario Ishikawa

Industry 4.0 & its associated terms IIOT, IOT are all set to capture the attention of production managers & decision makers to maximize productivity, efficiency of shop floor practices & enhance profitability.

In this episode of Packaging Talks, Mario Ishikawa from PackIOT shares that the new generation Industry 4.0 tools only enable operators & CEO’s to contribute towards minimizing factory waste. Mario also reiterates that these tools will never displace human skills ; in fact implementation of these tools require skilled engineers, which is abundant in India. At PackIOT, Mario guides the development of apps and systems that help packaging industries to improve their efficiency and reduce scrap costs through an end to end analytics system.

About Mario Ishikawa

Mario Ishikawa is the CTO of PackIOT. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, one of the best universities in Latin America, and has been working as IIoT Engineer for the past 24 years, having worked with SCADA, PLCs, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Quality systems, Historians and Big Data Analytics for large global customers such as the power company ENGIE and automaker Fiat. Always focused on software, Mario decided to focus his career on entrepreneurship towards industrial automation, and one of his main goals right now is to help manufacturing companies to be more efficient reducing the technology gap on the shop floor.

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