Ep 3 - Sustainability starts here with Prashant Jagtap

Ep 3 – Sustainability starts here with Prashant Jagtap

In this episode of Packaging Talks in a conversation with Dr Rangaprasad, Prashant shares his thoughts on the journey of Trayak starting with his initial work with brand owners & how he became interested in Packaging & the waste generation issues. He describes the development of LCA to qualify sustainable packaging & adoption by leading FMCG & F&B brands.  He also gives a sneak preview of the future of sustainability in the packaging industry.

About Prashant Jagtap

Prashant Jagtap founded Trayak with the vision of bringing sustainability mainstream. Trayak’s mission is to provide easy-to-use software decision tools that enable design & manufacturing of sustainable products and packaging. For over 25 years Prashant has worked with leading international brands and global manufacturers from different industries to help improve their product and package development and launch processes.

As President/CEO of Trayak, he routinely consults with leading companies to reduce their product & package environmental footprints. He has conducted many workshops and webinars on the use of screening Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Scoring to simulate, reduce, track and report on environmental footprints. Prashant holds a Master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from UMASS at Amherst, MA and an MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH.

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If you liked this Episode do tune in to our first Episode with Dr Prasad Modak. Dr. Modak shares his insights into the various aspects of Sustainability & Circular Economy. He reflects on the learnings during the pandemic & provides a direction for brand owners to adopt Design for Sustainability (D4S) strategy to develop truly sustainable packaging structures, which will have least impact on the environment.

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