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A step forward for sustainability: Avery Dennison joins SABIC in its TRUCIRCLE™ initiative, developing a recycled polypropylene (rPP) label facestock.

05 Feb, 2020

OEGSTGEEST, the Netherlands — February 03, 2020 — Avery Dennison has taken an important step towards supplying a recycled polypropylene (rPP) label material, collaborating with SABIC in the TRUCIRCLE™ initiative,... Read More >>

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Chemical recycling: Greiner Packaging and Trinseo push to increase use of recycled PS (r-PS) for packaging materials

05 Feb, 2020

Polystyrene, abbreviated to PS, is a type of plastic that is widely used in many areas of everyday life. PS is also often a component in packaging products, but there... Read More >>

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Veolia launches new Sustainable Packaging Academy

04 Feb, 2020

As part of the drive to increase the circular economy and tackle the problem of packaging waste, Veolia is launching a Sustainable Packaging Academy that makes it easier to improve... Read More >>

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Danimer Scientific teams up with Columbia Packaging Group to create home-compostable bags

04 Feb, 2020

Danimer Scientific, a well-known developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials, and Columbia Packaging Group (CPT) a maker of custom plastic bags and flexible packaging, has announced a new partnership to... Read More >>

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Polythene boasts lower carbon footprint than paper

04 Feb, 2020

An independent study by the Carbon Trust to assess the carbon footprint of Flexipol 25kg polythene sacks against equivalent paper bag has proved that the carbon dioxide emissions of the... Read More >>

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UK universities develop bio polymers recycling technique

03 Feb, 2020

Researchers at Bath University in the United Kingdom say they have developed a new way to break down plant-based plastics, also known as biopolymers, into their original “building blocks,” potentially... Read More >>

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BU chemists develop new biodegradable adhesive

31 Jan, 2020

Boston University professor Mark Grinstaff, and his team of researchers, are working to find eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. After two years of experimentation, Grinstaff's team unveiled an alternative biodegradable adhesive... Read More >>

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100% recycled aluminium cans and bottles introduced by Tecnocap

31 Jan, 2020

Tecnocap is exhibiting at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris 2020 with an extensive range of metal closures, a redesigned portfolio of aluminium aerosol cans and bottles made from 100% recycled aluminium.... Read More >>

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Compostable Barrier bag innovated by Emsur

31 Jan, 2020

EMSUR’s latest environmentally-conscious innovation maintains the freshness and all of the properties of foodstuffs. This new flexible packaging solution developed by the EMSUR Group at its EMSUR Valencia Saymopack facilities... Read More >>

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Reliance Industries Limited to double its PET bottles Recycling Capacity.

31 Jan, 2020

India's largest petrochemicals manufacturer Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) will double its PET bottles recycling capacity, a company official said. RIL is one of the largest recycler of PET (post-consumer) waste... Read More >>

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Styrenics Circular Solutions members to initiate evaluation of Pyrowave plastic-to-plastic chemical recycling technology

30 Jan, 2020

Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), the joint industry initiative to increase the circularity for styrenic polymers, and Pyrowave, a pioneer technology developer in the plastic-toplastic chemical recycling, announced a new collaboration... Read More >>

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Verescence Launches Safety Glass Bottles for French Startup

30 Jan, 2020

Verescence has announced the launch of its Safety Glass bottles for the French startup What Matters.