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HP Indigo digital printing inks receive compostability certification

18 Jun, 2019

Ahead of the next Dscoop Edge conference where PSPs, partners and brands converge, HP Inc. announced HP Indigo digital printing inks are now certified for compostability in home and industrial.... Read More >>

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Unilever unveils first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach

15 Jun, 2019

Unilever announced the launch of the first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach, with 35% less plastic compared to the original Solero Organic pack with individual plastic wrappers.

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Association of Plastic Recyclers announces recognition of Colgate's recyclable tube

13 Jun, 2019

Colgate has found a way to make the toothpaste you rely on for a healthier smile a part of the solution for a healthier planet.

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Bottled water brands aim to reduce, recover and recycle plastic waste

12 Jun, 2019

The world’s biggest yoghurt maker Danone and food packaging giant Tetra Pak are among companies leading a global scheme to reduce plastic waste, launched recently, as public concern rises over... Read More >>

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Unilever's Cif brand introduces 100% recycled and recyclable PET bottle in Argentina

12 Jun, 2019

In Argentina, consumers throw away around 12 million plastic bottles every day and yet less than a quarter of these get recycled. Unilever's Cif brand is helping to tackle that... Read More >>

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HAVI and Sun Chemical partner to produce natural-based Inks

11 Jun, 2019

With our foray into natural-based inks, HAVI’s pioneering development in more sustainable packaging has given foodservice and consumer product brand owners a reason to “think ink.” Several years in the... Read More >>

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Adidas pledges to eliminate use of 'Virgin Plastics' by 2024

11 Jun, 2019

Global sportswear giant Adidas aims at eliminating the use of virgin plastics in its products by 2024 — with a little help from a Maharashtra-based firm — the only one... Read More >>

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Avantium enters into commercialization phase of recyclable polymer called PEF

10 Jun, 2019

During a “technology and markets day” event, Dutch biotechnology company Avantium NV has announced its update on the scale-up policy after taking full ownership of the Synvina bioplastics business, and the commercialization... Read More >>

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Viridor to power plastic recycling with non-recyclable waste in Avonmouth

10 Jun, 2019

The FTSE 250 Pennon Group, parent company of Viridor, the UK’s biggest recycling company, has announced a ground-breaking project which will harness the electricity created from non-recyclable waste at its... Read More >>

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Circular Economy: Commission welcomes Council final adoption of new rules on single-use plastics to reduce marine plastic litter

08 Jun, 2019

The Council of the EU recently adopted the ambitious measures proposed by the Commission to tackle marine litter coming from the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on European... Read More >>

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Sainsbury’s to remove plastic bags for fruits, vegetables and bakery

08 Jun, 2019

Sainsbury’s has committed to cutting a further 1,284 tonnes of plastic this year. This includes removing 489 tonnes’ worth of plastic bags, which are currently used for loose fruit, vegetables... Read More >>

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NGT forms expert committee to probe if more norms needed to restrict plastic packaging

08 Jun, 2019

The National Green Tribunal has set up an expert committee to probe whether there is a need for further norms to restrict plastic packaging of food products after a plea... Read More >>