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Packaging needs to be recognised by EU and national governments as an essential part of the continued flow of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic

24 Mar, 2020

Brussels, 20 March 2020 - The members of EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, are doing their utmost to maintain the necessary supply of food and hygiene... Read More >>

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04 Mar, 2020

Christian Helbig introduces a new 2.25 mL version of SCHOTT’s syriQ BioPure® prefillable syringes designed specifically for the biologics market and, developed in partnership with WL Gore, the world’s first... Read More >>

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Dara Pharma presents high speed equipment for injectable vials

25 Feb, 2020

Dara Pharma has presented its new high-speed equipment for injectable vials. It is, the company has reported, a combination of filler and / or sealer, to work cylindrical vials in... Read More >>

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Active packaging solution for drugs combines moisture adsorption and oxygen scavenging

20 Feb, 2020

Aptar CSP Technologies,has announced the launch of a ‘first-of-its-kind’ active packaging product. The new technology utilizes the company’s patented 3-phase Activ-Polymer platform within its Activ-Film product configuration, it says.

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Sonoco Alloyd Introduces All-Paper Alternative to Traditional Plastic Blister Packaging

12 Feb, 2020

The Alloyd Division of Sonoco (NYSE: SON), one of the most sustainable diversified global packaging companies, announced the introduction of its first, all-paper retail blister package. The new EnviroSense PaperBlister™... Read More >>

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06 Feb, 2020

Clariant Plastics & Coatings Healthcare Polymer Solutions is adding a new oxygen-scavenging additive masterbatch to its MEVOPUR line of medical-grade materials and services for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices. MEVOPUR... Read More >>

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Gerresheimer expands the Gx RTF ClearJect product line

24 Jan, 2020

Production for the new 2.25 ml COP (cyclic olefin polymer)
SIN (staked in needle) will start this month

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Ultra-thin RFID labels Developed for Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

19 Dec, 2019

PragmatIC, a manufacturer of ultra-low-cost flexible electronics, and Schreiner MediPharm, a provider of specialty labels for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, have entered into a strategic partnership to add... Read More >>

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Gerresheimer increases production capacity for plastic containers and opens new plant in India

17 Dec, 2019

Gerresheimer has had a strong foothold in India for some years through Triveni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. in Kundli. A second production site is now being opened in the city of... Read More >>

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Sanner introduces bio-based plastic packaging Sanner BioBase®

16 Dec, 2019

Sanner BioBase® is the first effervescent tablet packaging that consists of more than 90 percent bio-based material. The biopolymers used consist of various renewable raw materials such as corn, sugar... Read More >>

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ACG Group Introduces NXT Series of Smart Pharma Production, Inspection and Packaging Equipment

03 Dec, 2019

ACG Group, a supplier offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry – showcased a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation production, packaging and inspection machinery. Comprising equipment solutions from two of... Read More >>

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SCHOTT inaugurates new production facility at its Gujarat plant, to double its production.

02 Dec, 2019

SCHOTT AG, a global leader in pharmaceutical glass manufacturing, is inaugurating its new glass tank facility in Jambusar, Gujarat following an investment of €21 million last year. The company forecasts... Read More >>