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Importance of selecting the right package for drug product

30 Apr, 2019

Selecting the right package for a drug product is essential. To do this, it is necessary to understand the surface chemistry of the components of the package to determine if... Read More >>

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Legacy Pharmaceuticals offers AntiViral drug in SCHOTT Type I plus vials

12 Apr, 2019

Legacy Pharmaceuticals, the Swiss-based global contract manufacturer of sterile/aseptic pharmaceutical products in ampoules and vials has announced a collaboration with SCHOTT, a leading company in innovative glass production and technology,... Read More >>

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SCHOTT strengthens footprint in pharmaceutical tubing business in South America

11 Apr, 2019

As part of its global growth strategy, the technology group SCHOTT is investing BRL 50 million in its pharmaceutical tubing production in Rio de Janeiro in the next two years.... Read More >>

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SCHOTT exhibits lubricant-free prefillable glass syringe at DCAT 2019

28 Mar, 2019

Lubricants have long been a necessary evil for prefillable syringes. They aid in reducing the injection force to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient, yet could also influence... Read More >>

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Nephron Pharmaceuticals embeds UHF RFID tags into prefilled syringe labels

27 Mar, 2019

Drug manufacturer Nephron Pharmaceuticals, based in South Carolina, is building UHF RFID tags into the labels that are applied to its prefilled syringe products. The system makes each item individually... Read More >>

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SCHOTT announces $1 billion global investment in pharmaceutical packaging business through 2025

27 Mar, 2019

The specialty glass and materials company SCHOTT is making a $1 billion global investment in its global pharmaceutical packaging business. The announcement was made at DCAT Week, running March 18... Read More >>

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Proper Usage of a Cyclic Olefin Polymer Prefilled Syringe

23 Mar, 2019

The global injectable drug market sees an ever-increasing adoption of high-value biologic drug products. More than half of today’s 20 top selling injectables are biologics, and many of them are... Read More >>

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West Pharmaceutical inaugurates New Digital Technology Center in Bengaluru

09 Mar, 2019

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, officially opened the company’s new Digital Technology Center (DTC) in Bengaluru, India, a regional hub of... Read More >>

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Aptar Pharma's Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser wins EU approval for drug Taflotan

28 Feb, 2019

Aptar Pharma has announced that its innovative, preservative-free multidose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser has been approved for Santen’s prescription drug Taflotan®/Saflutan® for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in open... Read More >>

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UPM Raflatac introduces new pharma security labeling solutions

27 Feb, 2019

UPM Raflatac is expanding its range of labeling solutions to support pharmaceutical companies in improving patient safety through secure and tamper-evident packaging. These solutions offer an easy route to achieving... Read More >>

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Honeywell unveils new thermoformable barrier film 'Aclar Accel'

22 Feb, 2019

Honeywell recently introduced Aclar Accel, a new, cost-effective thermoformable barrier film for pharmaceutical packaging that provides faster service to companies at a lower cost while maintaining patient safety through increased... Read More >>

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Johnson & Johnson Vision announces ACUVUE Contact Lens Recycle Programme

19 Feb, 2019

Now rolling out in Boots Opticians and select independent practices, the programme gives 3.7 million UK contact lens wearers the opportunity to convert waste into new products.