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Ilip unveils new Smart Ripe technology providing real time ripeness information for fruits

26 Aug, 2019

Packaging that can relay real-time information about the ripeness of avocados and other fruits contained inside was recently launched at Italian fresh produce trade fair Macfrut in Rimini. Called Smart... Read More >>

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ACORBANEC encourages banana growers to use ethylene scavenging technology

23 Aug, 2019

Ecuador’s Association of Marketing & Exportation of Bananas, ACORBANEC has agreed to help increase the use of It’s Fresh! technology in the country’s huge banana growing community. The It’s Fresh!... Read More >>

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Vog unveils new all-cardboard four-apple tray

31 May, 2019

In Italy, the Vog Consortium has unveiled its new packing line, an all-cardboard four-apple tray, which is Vog says is part of its "constant search for more environment-friendly methods and... Read More >>

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CTI Launches High-Tech Inks to Reduce Product Tampering and Counterfeiting

10 Dec, 2018

New “Tamper Heat” and “Tamper Freeze” Inks Combat Thieves’ Efforts to Use Extreme Heat or Cold to Alter Packaging.

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Environmentally Friendly Mineral Oil Free Inks From Squid Ink Manufacturing

10 Dec, 2018

Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of superior quality inks and ink jet printing equipment, introduces our line of Mineral Oil Free (MOF) inks that are approved for use... Read More >>

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Blow molding machinery market adjusts to changing packaging sector

05 Dec, 2018

The U.S. blow molding machinery market remained healthy in 2018, with some manufacturers reporting strong growth and others a spotty year with some sluggishness.

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Common Footprint standard by FEFCO

30 Nov, 2018

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) is a non-profit organization that builds the Common Footprint (CF) standard that guarantees safe and efficient assembling of all vegetable and fruit... Read More >>

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31 Oct, 2018

Leading European packaging manufacturer Coveris has once again received the award for Flexible Plastics Pack of the Year at this year’s UK Packaging awards with its Freshlife® MAP avocado packs... Read More >>

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Uflex launches solvent-based laminating adhesive for flexible packaging

19 Jul, 2018

THE chemicals business of India's largest fully integrated multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex Limited has unveiled a general performance 2K solvent-based PU laminating adhesive under FLEXBON brand... Read More >>

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Uflex Films releases new soft touch BOPET Film

27 Jun, 2018

UFLEX'S Flex Films division has developed an innovative bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film with a unique velvet and luxurious surface at its manufacturing plant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.


White Paper

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How Packaging Barrier and Integrity affect the Success of Your MAP Products

06 Sep, 2019

In recent years, the rise of consumer demand for minimal processing, clean labels, preservative-free, healthy foods, along with the Save Foods initiative has promoted the trend for Modified Atmosphere Packaging... Read More >>

Case Studies

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Packaging & Preservation of Fresh Cut Fruits

27 Jan, 2020

Cut fruits stored in a refrigerator or carried on the go, falling prey to unhygienic conditions is a common challenge. Recognizing the need for cut fruit plastic packaging which provides... Read More >>