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Oasis becomes the Gulf's first water brand available in Tetra Pak packaging

17 Feb, 2020

In a bid to be first mover in the sustainability space for its regional market, National Food Products Company (NFPC) today announced that it would be bringing drinking water in... Read More >>


Danone introduces track and trace solution for baby formula brands

14 Feb, 2020

Today, Danone announces the launch of its baby formula Track & Connect service – a digitally-enabled service giving consumers and retailers greater transparency on the product’s farm-to-fork journey. Furthermore, through... Read More >>

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Regional Coke Labels Sacrifice Branding for Recycling Education

12 Feb, 2020

New labels on Coca-Cola’s new bottles are designed to encourage consumers to recycle more, supporting Coca-Cola’s goal to collect a bottle or can for each and every one it sells... Read More >>

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10 Feb, 2020

Americans, on average, every day. This is the overall rate of food waste in the United States. That amount of waste is the same whether you throw the bananas away... Read More >>

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EFSA has updated its risk assessment of five phthalates used in plastic food contact material.

08 Feb, 2020

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued an update of the risk assessment of the phthalates DBP, BBP, DEHP, DINP and DIDP for use in food contact materials. EFSA reviewed... Read More >>

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New guidance to address confusion over compostable plastic packaging

08 Feb, 2020

Compostable plastics could be particularly useful for flexible packaging which contains food residue
Rigid compostable plastic packaging, e.g. cups, generally only beneficial in a ‘closed’ system like an event
Compostable...

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BASF and Fabbri Group develop certified compostable cling film for fresh-food packaging

06 Feb, 2020

BASF and Fabbri Group have developed a sustainable solution for cling film used in fresh-food packaging: Based on BASF’s certified compostable ecovio®, Fabbri Group produces the highly transparent stretch film... Read More >>

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DEHCH safe for use in food packaging – EFSA

05 Feb, 2020

The European Food Safety Authority has concluded that bis(2?ethylhexyl)cyclohexane?1,4?dicarboxylate (DEHCH) is safe for consumers when used in PVC film coming into contact with food.

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Nestlé creates market for food-grade recycled plastics, launches fund to boost packaging innovation

05 Feb, 2020

Nestlé today announced that it will invest up to CHF 2 billion to lead the shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative... Read More >>

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Amcor’s ShapeArt Offers Iconic New Closures for Premium Brands

05 Feb, 2020

Amcor introduces a proprietary system for developing bespoke, dimensional and recyclable closures that demand attention and elevate the world’s most exclusive wine and spirits brands.

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Embedded oxygen sensor aids MAP food integrity

04 Feb, 2020

AIMPLAS, has launched the SafetySenseO2 project to develop a printed sensor with the capacity to detect the presence of oxygen inside packaging. The company hopes that this will make it... Read More >>

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BioPak develops packaging using sugarcane pulp

04 Feb, 2020

New South Wales-based packaging specialist, BioPak, has developed a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging, which delivers a positive environmental impact.