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New tracking and blockchain technologies for wine authentication

01 Jul, 2020

A new technology, developed in Australia has the potential to defend the wine export industry against the booming global trade in counterfeit wines, according to a recent report in PKN.... Read More >>

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FSSAI Extends Date of Compliance of Standards for Packaged Drinking Water and Common Salt

01 Jul, 2020

Through a notification dated 18 June, 2020 the FSSAI has extended the date for compliance of the Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Fourth Amendment Regulations,... Read More >>

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Total Corbion PLA Looks to Break Open Food Packaging Sector With Heat-Resistant PLA

26 Jun, 2020

Total Corbion PLA BV is focusing its efforts on finding applications for its polylactic acid (PLA) in the field of food containers and packaging. Aims here are to market PLA... Read More >>

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20 Jun, 2020

Sustainably produced meat products in sustainable packaging: The new product line of the poultry sausage brand Gutfried by the Zur Mühlen Gruppe (Gutfried) is not only "organic", its packaging is... Read More >>

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Aptar Food + Beverage Launches Maestro, a Breakthrough Closure for the Edible Oil Market Designed to Make Any Consumer Feel like a Chef.

19 Jun, 2020

A new closure for edible oils
Maestro is Aptar’s new solution that gives consumers the easy-to-open, portion control and drip free benefits they desire. Maestro creates an elevated experience that... Read More >>

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Packaging with natural food extract vapour inhibits mould growth

19 Jun, 2020

SoFresh™, based in Wisconsin, USA,  has developed a new technology solution that wraps food in an atmosphere of food grade vapour inhibiting mould growth which can extend food distribution time,... Read More >>

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New paperboard cup helps Fazer reduce plastic in oat snacks packaging

16 Jun, 2020

The Finnish food company Fazer introduced its Fazer Aito and Fazer Yosa oat snacks in paperboard cups in May. The new cups are more responsible and reduce plastic more than... Read More >>

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Smurfit Kappa replaces EPS frozen food packaging with sustainable paper-based alternative

16 Jun, 2020

Smurfit Kappa has launched an innovative and sustainable new pack which keeps frozen and chilled foods fresh throughout the supply chain.

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13 Jun, 2020

Pouch5: Gualapack recyclable pouches

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EU project YPACK develops innovative biodegradable food packaging extending food shelf life

12 Jun, 2020

Over the past couple years, YPACK has developed a bio-based plastic alternative to traditional plastic food packaging. YPACK’s compostable packaging is made from a sustainable biopolymer, poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV), produced from... Read More >>

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AGI glaspac Unveils India’s First Antibacterial Food Glass Jar and Water Bottles to Promote a Healthier Life

03 Jun, 2020

AGI glaspac, a leading global manufacturer of integrated container-glass, today announced the launch of its pioneering innovation product, antibacterial range of food storage glass jars and bottles, through its retail... Read More >>

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Nestlé Aquarel launches its first 100% recycled plastic water bottle

26 May, 2020

To strengthen its commitment to sustainability in Spain, Nestlé Waters has just launched its first 100% recycled plastic water bottle. Nestlé Aquarel’s new 1 liter water bottle has three attractive... Read More >>