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Glass, Once the King of Packaging, Seeks a Comeback

25 Feb, 2020

Glassmakers are betting the backlash against single-use plastics can stem a decadeslong decline in the use of their bottles and jars. First they have to boost poor glass-recycling rates that... Read More >>

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Vellamo partners with UPM Raflatac for bottle water industry's first and only wood-based clear plastic label material

22 Feb, 2020

Vellamo, Finland’s award-winning natural mineral water aims to make a big splash with its USA launch by partnering with global label stock producer, UPM Raflatac for an innovative sustainability initiative... Read More >>

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Quinn launches food-grade PET packaging made from 100% recycled material

21 Feb, 2020

Orbital™ by Quinn is a food packaging solution produced using 100% recycled PET material, eliminating the non-recycled plastic found in the majority of PET food packaging. Orbital is certified by... Read More >>

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Cosmo Films reports 171 percent increase in Q3 FY20 PAT

21 Feb, 2020

New Delhi, February 13th, 2020: Cosmo Films Limited, a global leader in films for packaging, labeling & lamination applications and synthetic paper today declared its financial results for the quarter... Read More >>

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Crush Citrus, sustainable label material made with agro-industrial waste

19 Feb, 2020

Increased premiumization, sustainability, and personalization are growing trends in the consumer goods sector in North America and Europe. In packaging, consumers are looking to buy products from brands that align... Read More >>

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Stora Enso introduces new barrier boards to replace plastic in food packaging

19 Feb, 2020

Stora Enso is expanding its range of renewable packaging materials by introducing new dispersion barrier materials for paper cups and food packaging. The new barrier solution responds to market demands... Read More >>

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ID Fresh reinvents coconut, targets 150-cr biz

19 Feb, 2020

ID Fresh Food is in the process of introducing ‘seven wonders’ in the food category, with no preservatives.

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Al Ain water to be bottled in 100 per cent recyclable product

19 Feb, 2020

The region’s first plant-based bottle that is 100 per cent recyclable was launched on Monday on the sidelines of Gulfood 2020 as part of the UAE Innovation Month initiative.

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Oasis becomes the Gulf's first water brand available in Tetra Pak packaging

17 Feb, 2020

In a bid to be first mover in the sustainability space for its regional market, National Food Products Company (NFPC) today announced that it would be bringing drinking water in... Read More >>


Danone introduces track and trace solution for baby formula brands

14 Feb, 2020

Today, Danone announces the launch of its baby formula Track & Connect service – a digitally-enabled service giving consumers and retailers greater transparency on the product’s farm-to-fork journey. Furthermore, through... Read More >>

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Regional Coke Labels Sacrifice Branding for Recycling Education

12 Feb, 2020

New labels on Coca-Cola’s new bottles are designed to encourage consumers to recycle more, supporting Coca-Cola’s goal to collect a bottle or can for each and every one it sells... Read More >>

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10 Feb, 2020

Americans, on average, every day. This is the overall rate of food waste in the United States. That amount of waste is the same whether you throw the bananas away... Read More >>