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HP Indigo digital printing inks receive compostability certification

18 Jun, 2019

Ahead of the next Dscoop Edge conference where PSPs, partners and brands converge, HP Inc. announced HP Indigo digital printing inks are now certified for compostability in home and industrial.... Read More >>

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Nissin to unveil eco-friendly plant-based plastics for instant noodle cups

17 Jun, 2019

Japan's Nissin Foods Holdings is set to introduce plant-derived plastics for packaging for its mainstay Cup Noodle instant ramen products.

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Unilever unveils first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach

15 Jun, 2019

Unilever announced the launch of the first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach, with 35% less plastic compared to the original Solero Organic pack with individual plastic wrappers.

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BERICAP contributes to recyclability of food packaging with launch of silicone-free BERICAPValve

15 Jun, 2019

Product development plays a key role within the strategies of leading companies worldwide. Besides aspects regarding the increase of efficiency within the manufacturing process, cost reduction and market expansion, product... Read More >>

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LGF Initiative by Crown helps consumers to understand benefits of canned food

12 Jun, 2019

In the last two years, the Love Canned Food (LCF) initiative launched by Crown Food Europe and Princes Group has continued to expand its reach to promote the benefits of... Read More >>

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Bottled water brands aim to reduce, recover and recycle plastic waste

12 Jun, 2019

The world’s biggest yoghurt maker Danone and food packaging giant Tetra Pak are among companies leading a global scheme to reduce plastic waste, launched recently, as public concern rises over... Read More >>

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HAVI and Sun Chemical partner to produce natural-based Inks

11 Jun, 2019

With our foray into natural-based inks, HAVI’s pioneering development in more sustainable packaging has given foodservice and consumer product brand owners a reason to “think ink.” Several years in the... Read More >>

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New epoxy to replace BPA in food and beverage cans

11 Jun, 2019

A chemical of concern that first grabbed headlines in 2008 could finally be on its way out of metal food packaging.

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Suntory sets to make plastic bottles bio-based by 2030

11 Jun, 2019

Suntory Group unveiled a new company-wide policy focused on implementing sustainable plastic that promote a recycling-oriented and decarbonized society.

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Huhtamaki introduces blueloop for circular flexible packaging

07 Jun, 2019

The world is transforming rapidly, and responsible consumption and manufacturing are high on the agenda of both consumers and food packers. Huhtamaki launches blueloop to enable circular packaging models and... Read More >>

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China sees vast majority of plastic waste due to rapid growth of Food delivery apps

04 Jun, 2019

In all likelihood, the enduring physical legacy of China’s internet boom will not be the glass-and-steel office complexes or the fancy apartments for tech elites. It will be the plastic.

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Perstorp receives FDA approval for its plasticizer Pevalen

31 May, 2019

Perstorp announces food contact approval by FDA for Pevalen, that verifies it is safe for food contact applications. Production capacity of the non-phthalate polyester plasticizer Pevalen™ has substantially expanded to... Read More >>