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FMCG firms say consumers downtrading, turning to value packs

19 May, 2020

New Delhi: Economic slump, salary cuts and job losses are making Indian consumers of packaged foods and personal care products frugal, leading to an increase in their propensity to purchase... Read More >>

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UPM Raflatac RW85C PET wash-off solution receives recognition at the 2020 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards

18 May, 2020

The UPM Raflatac RW85C PET wash-off solution, which is part of the UPM Raflatac SmartCircle™ sustainable product offering, has received recognition at the 2020 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards... Read More >>

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InNo-Liner System: Labeling of variable box heights

18 May, 2020

HERMA grabbed a lot of attention last year with its linerless labeling system, which was recognized as the first of its kind to cater for the strict requirements imposed by... Read More >>

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Siegwerk and APK AG succeed at de-inking of plastic film-recyclate

15 May, 2020

Siegwerk, one of the world's leading providers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, and APK AG, a specialist in the production of high-quality plastic recyclate from packaging waste,... Read More >>

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12 May, 2020

Paper is increasingly perceived as a sustainable packaging material. Brand owners are increasing the pace of sustainable packaging. The flexible packaging paper Koehler NexPlus® is already successfully in use.

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UPM Raflatac’s new improved topcoat for PP and PE films makes printers’ life easier

07 May, 2020

UPM Raflatac is introducing a significantly improved universal topcoat for all its main PE and PP film products in the European market. The new topcoat will allow a greater range... Read More >>

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Closing the recycling loop: Sustainable cardboard-plastic packaging produced for Henkel by Greiner Packaging now contains 50 % PCR PP

17 Apr, 2020

Kremsmünster, Austria, April 2020. K3®, the cardboard-plastic combination from Greiner Packaging, combines high-quality packaging with appealing marketing communication and a positive environmental contribution. Henkel uses these sustainable containers to package... Read More >>

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Henkel will reduce fossil-based virgin plastic by 50 percent

01 Apr, 2020

Henkel is stepping up its commitment for sustainability and has set further ambitious packaging targets for 2025 to promote a circular economy. By then, 100 percent of Henkel's packaging will... Read More >>

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Henkel sets new and ambitious targets for sustainable packaging and climate protection

12 Mar, 2020

Henkel today published its 29th Sustainability Report, detailing its performance and progress in all dimensions of sustainability. At the same time, Henkel presented its strategic framework for the future and... Read More >>


Novel findings for functional barriers in HDPE containers

12 Mar, 2020

Compatibility of the ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers with the recycling process was tested by an independent laboratory. A compatibilizer layer was originally put into... Read More >>

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The plastic industry paving the way for rebound

27 Feb, 2020

The Chinese industries have been normalizing operations as the spread of the coronavirus was slowing down. Indeed, the plastics industry, among others, has to stay positive and prepare for the... Read More >>

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Contiweb Launches New Fluid Applicator to Advance Digital Print Quality

27 Feb, 2020

25 February 2020 – Contiweb, a specialist in state-of-the-art technologies for printing, advanced drying and web-handling, announces today the launch of its Digital Fluid Applicator (DFA), a standalone remoistening applicator... Read More >>