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New security label marries holographics with serialized QR codes

20 May, 2020

3DAG, a Swiss based company specialising in security features using micro and nanotechnology, has announced the launch of SmartPack™ holographic, tamper-proof security labels, based on its holography expertise and AIPIA... Read More >>

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Enkase™ – Fluorination barrier technology by Inhance Technologies approved by RecyClass

28 Apr, 2020

The findings of an independent laboratory testing of Inhance Technologies’ Enkase fluorination barrier technology show that it is fully compatible with the recycling stream of HDPE containers as it does... Read More >>

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Collapsible and high performing 2-component cartridge packaging

03 Jan, 2020

“There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050” (World Economic Forum 2016)
Every year 4.8 to 12.7 tons plastic waste end up in the sea -... Read More >>

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Henkel to Digitalize the Production line for better Efficiency

28 Nov, 2019

Connectivity for greater efficiency

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Cargill and Signode collaborate to find sustainable new solutions for palletizing issues

27 Nov, 2019

Cargill Malt provides malt bags and totes for the craft beer and whiskey industry. In the past, slick malt bags were stacked on a pallet, then banded to the pallet... Read More >>

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Hindalco plans big on packaging, large aluminium containers

21 Nov, 2019

AV Birla group flagship Hindalco Industries is betting big on the packaging and transport containers segment, a top company official said on November 19.

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Safe Load Testing Technologies has launched an innovative solution for improved logistics

20 Nov, 2019

Safe Load Testing Technologies brings to the market the Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester, designed to perform horizontal accelerations (speeding, slowing down and braking) and decelerations in line with the specifications... Read More >>

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SABIC inaugurates New Caps & Closures Technology and Innovation Center

13 Nov, 2019

SABIC has announced the opening of its new Technology and Innovation Center dedicated to the caps and closures segment in Geleen, the Netherlands.

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Traditional Paint Can transformed with an Eco-Friendly Simple Pour Lid

06 Nov, 2019

Behr Paint announced that for the first time in a generation, a reimagined paint can will hit shelves to make the painting process simpler and cleaner than ever before—no paint... Read More >>

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First African-Based Packaging Company to Introduce Smart Crate Technology

31 Oct, 2019

Packaging in Africa just got a lot smarter, thanks to Silafrica, the Kenya-based packaging company, and Smart Crates, which integrates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags... Read More >>

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BERICAP unveils new filling aid for AdBlue® containers and light-weight closures for car care products

13 Sep, 2019

BERICAP, one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic closures, has developed a unique filling aid for AdBlue® tanks in vehicles. It allows car owners to fill their AdBlue® containers... Read More >>

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Clariant introduces halogen and cobalt dichloride-free humidity indicator cards

13 Sep, 2019

Advanced technology is an integral part of society, with electronic and digital devices becoming ubiquitous. To ensure the integrity of devices ranging from personal electronics, including computers and cell phones,... Read More >>