With LyondellBasell CirculenRenew polymers, CORINE DE FARME Innovates with Renewable-Based Bottles, Produced in Europe

Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 20, 2021 – Committed to improving the environmental footprint of its packaging, SARBEC Laboratories, with their Corine de Farme brand, announced the launch of their new renewable-based bottles, the result of its collaboration with LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB), a major player in the production of innovative polymers. The bottles have been available since the beginning of 2021.

LyondellBasell’s advances in renewable-based polymers, marketed under the CirculenRenew brand, allow customers to create packaging that appeals to sustainability-oriented consumers, who represent about 26% of the global market. CirculenRenew polymers are produced with renewable feedstock from bio-based sources such as used cooking oil, using a mass balance approach.  For SARBEC Laboratories, whose mission is “to enable everyone to care for and protect their bodies, while preserving the beauty of our planet,” these types of renewable-based plastics from Europe make sense for their CORINE DE FARME brand. SARBEC Laboratories and LyondellBasell have designed a PE bottle linked to renewable materials with a Carbon footprint reduction up to 75% versus fossil-based PE plastics.

“Day after day, we try to consolidate our ecological commitment by developing products and packaging that are ever more respectful of the planet. This is why we have redesigned all the Corine de Farme brand packs,” explains Eric Jacquemet, CEO of Laboratoires SARBEC. “Eco-design is part of the DNA of SARBEC Laboratories. As early as 2011, we developed our own molds to manufacture our bottles in recyclable PE or PET for our brand but also for our customers in our production workshop. This avoids the transportation of empty bottles and reduces our carbon footprint. Today, we are taking another step forward with these new bottles made of renewable-based material.

“The most innovative results come from working together with our customers to design effective solutions. We are pleased that SARBEC Laboratories has chosen one of our Circulen products to satisfy growing consumer demand for more sustainable cosmetic packaging,” says Richard Roudeix, SVP Olefins & Polyolefins for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. “Our CirculenRenew products are based on renewable materials such as used cooking oil and have a lower carbon footprint through the use of renewable-based content as compared to materials which are made from fossil-based sources. With Circulen, we are taking concrete action to advance the circular economy today, innovate for the future and reply to growing consumer demand for more sustainable packaging.”

CirculenRenew is one of three offers in the LyondellBasell Circulen product family of sustainable solutions. CirculenRecover and CirculenRevive complete the offer with mechanically recycled and molecularly recycled polymers respectively.

LyondellBasell aims to produce and market two million metric tons of recycled and renewable-based polymers annually by 2030.


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