Polymateria provides a tailored biodegradable solution for conventional plastic packaging, aiming to stem the global plastic pollution endemic. Polymateria’s scientists have created a proprietary technology that can break down plastics safely if they escape into the environment. Polymateria’s technology is time controlled, meaning they can tailor this to the product’s service life to enable maximum opportunity or the packaging to be recycled.

Polymateria’s revolutionary Biotransformation technology is a new approach to ensuring that plastic which has escaped refuse streams can fully biodegrade in the natural environment. Polymateria scientists have created a proprietary formulation for plastics that makes it possible.

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Polymateria Ltd is a British technology company developing biodegradable plastic alternatives. In 2020, the privately owned company was the first to achieve certified biodegradation of the most commonly-littered forms of plastic packaging in real-world conditions, in less than a year without creating microplastics.

Polymateria is engineering cost-effective solutions to the global problem of plastic pollution. Polymateria is a British business developing a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics.

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What is Biotransformation?

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