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UPM Solide™ Lucent Makes Fibre-Based High Barrier Packaging a Reality and Enables New Recyclable Packaging Innovations

(UPM, Helsinki, 23 June 2022 at 10:00 EEST) – The recyclable and compostable UPM Solide Lucent is a highly versatile specialty kraft paper with endless possibilities for recyclable packaging innovations. The paper is suitable as a coating base or for lamination, single-packs, bags, and wraps; UPM Solide Lucent can do it all and more!

UPM Solide Lucent is a brilliant example of the type of packaging innovations the world needs right now. Through co-creation, it enables brand owners to effectively reduce the amount of fossil-based or non-recyclable materials and increase usage of materials from renewable sources in their packaging.

“Together with customers and partners, we can develop truly sustainable medium and high barrier packaging solutions, matching customer needs in a wide range of food and non-food applications,” explains Mika Uusikartano, Senior Manager, Product Portfolio Management, UPM Specialty Papers.

“Thanks to its outstanding sustainability credentials, this paper is a safe and smart choice for converters and brand owners looking to co-create new products with us. The target is also to reduce value chain recycling fees in the long run,” continues Tommi Heinonen, Head of Sales, UPM Specialty Papers.

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A true multipurpose packaging paper

The natural white UPM Solide Lucent has a unique look and feel, offering brands a sustainable image and excellent print results with both flexo and rotogravure printing. Add excellent strength, and you have a paper with vast possibilities for further converting and co-creating of new, premium packaging products.

In addition to UPM Solide Lucent’s existing basis weights, UPM Specialty Papers has added three new, higher basis weights to the offering. “We are always listening to our customers’ wishes, and there has been a strong demand for higher basis weights of UPM Solide Lucent,” explains Heinonen. Lower basis weights have the flexibility for smaller pack sizes and higher basis weights offer rigidity and sturdiness where it is needed.

“Brand owners choose materials with the functional properties, economics and consumer behaviour in mind. Basis weight requirements depend on end uses, functional needs, and market messages,” Heinonen adds.

Smooth, strong, and dense, UPM Solide Lucent offers superior properties for further converting and printing. Thanks to its exceptional technical properties, UPM Solide Lucent takes a leading position as a true multipurpose packaging paper.

Co-creating innovative barrier solutions

Learn more about using UPM Solide Lucent as a coating base for sustainable high barrier solution; watch the webinar recording explaining how UPM Specialty Papers, BOBST and Michelman have co-created oneBARRIER FibreCycle, a high barrier sustainable fibre-based solution.

Watch the webinar recording here

Key features of UPM Solide Lucent

UPM Solide Lucent is repulpable and designed to be recycled in existing fibre recycling streams. It is compostable in accordance with the EN13432 standard. The paper contains no optical brighteners and is safe for food, as certifications from FDA and BFR prove. The paper is available with PEFC and FSCTM certificates (PEFC/02-31-80, FSC C014719). In addition to existing basis weights 45 g/m² and 62 g/m², UPM Specialty Papers has added three new, higher basis weights to the offering with the launch of 72, 78, and 90 g/m².

UPM Solide Lucent is the perfect coating base for sustainable high barrier solutions Read article

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