TekniPlex Consumer Products Expands Global Dip Tubing Capabilities to India for Dispensing Pump Markets

Ahmedabad, India (June 21, 2022) – TekniPlex Consumer Products has introduced dip tubing capabilities to its manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, India. This installation adds to TekniPlex’s preexisting capacities in Belgium, China, and the U.S., allowing the company to better serve both regional and global customer and dispensing pump market needs.

TekniPlex Consumer Products’ two facilities in India specialize in producing foamed liners, induction heat seals and gaskets, and other products serving closure and pump packaging markets. This new capability aligns with the growing need for pump packaging and related dip tubing needs in India. Additionally, this regional capability complements the ongoing need for local production and supply as the impact of importing challenges and subsequent global supply chain implications continues to grow.

“It is our mission as a global supplier to service our customers and markets where they are – and where they need us the most,” said Johan Laureys, Managing Director. “Even above and beyond the pandemic’s impact on the supply chain, we’re continually looking for ways to prevent disruptions while enhancing security and redundancy of supply for our customers.”

TekniPlex Consumer Products is committed to globally consistent formulas and processes, enabling customers to expect the new dip tubing produced in the Ahmedabad facility to maintain the same high-quality product solutions they have come to expect.

“Preserving identical tight tolerances and material properties across all of our facilities not only ensures that the dip tubing will function seamlessly, but also will be optimally compatible with our customers’ highly automated assembly lines. This also helps customers safeguard scrap rates on their machines,” said Laureys.

With these new extrusion lines, TekniPlex’s Ahmedabad facility can produce dip tubing on spools or precut to custom length for a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, personal care and household products. Production has begun, with supply to both regional and international customers.

“We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery, talented materials science experts, and quality lab testing to bring this new service to fruition,” continued Laureys. “Our focus is to further improve service to our global customers, expand our set of local customers and, in time, export to neighboring countries in South and Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia.”




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