Storopack launches new PAPERplus® Grass paper for packaging

Sustainability and resource conservation play a key role in the packaging industry – and suitable protective packaging ensures that shipping goods reach their recipients in good working order. Sustainability takes center stage with the new PAPERplus® Grass paper type from Storopack, as it consists of 50 percent sun-dried grass. The benefits are clear to see: grass is a renewable resource and, during production, uses far less water and energy than required for wood fibers. Furthermore, the grass used in PAPERplus® Grass is sourced from the Swabian Jura in Germany and grows in the local area surrounding the paper factories in Metzingen and Lenningen.

It is dried on-site before being processed into a packaging material. This eases the burden on the environment thanks to short transport distances. And when producing PAPERplus® Grass, Storopack does not use any processing chemicals – further good news for the planet. Our customers still enjoy outstanding packaging properties when they use PAPERplus® Grass. The paper cushioning is ideal for filling voids and for packaging shipping goods between 5 and 50 kg – and can be produced at the packing station using the PAPERplus® Classic and Classic² paper cushioning systems.


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