SACMI Packaging & Chocolate and SACMI Rigid Packaging Technologies at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate will exhibit a new wrapping machine, the HY7 CW.

The HY7 CW is a new-generation CUT & WRAP machine designed to wrap taffy and other soft candies in DOUBLE TWIST style. Exclusive PRINT REGISTRATION TECHNOLOGY allows logos to be displayed on any spot on the product to enhance brand recognition. Equipped with patented HYBRID TECHNOLOGY, HY7 CW maximizes the use of electronics to achieve great efficiency and excellent wrapping quality, without compromising on speed or the ability to handle a wide range of products.

HY7 CW has a COMPACT & HYGENIC design in line with the highest international standards. Its new-concept, servo-driven units can be fine-adjusted to ensure top quality with virtually all wrapping materials, including eco-friendly films.

With a reduced cinematic chain, the HY7 CW contains 40% less components and, therefore, requires fewer spare parts. It also offers easy remote monitoring and connectivity to in-house data collection systems.

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate provides complete plants for chocolate (from chocolate preparation and moulding to wrapping, flow-wrapping and secondary packaging) and turnkey packaging solutions for bakery, biscuits and other food and non food applications.

Cutting-edge technology, innovative digital controls, sustainability and cost control are the hallmarks of the range offered by SACMI Rigid Packaging, the only company in the world capable of developing comprehensive solutions for both bottlers and converters.

More specifically, through SACMI USA the company offers prompt assistance for cap, bottle and container-making machines and, in synergy with its research facilities, develops highly advanced, certified integrated capsule-container designs. A full range of assistance services is provided by the local branch and a team of specialized technicians.

SACMI also develops dedicated Computer Vision systems to ensure total quality control on its entire machine range. SACMI develops both on-line and off-line quality control systems featuring latest-generation acquisition devices and software that make full use of AI algorithms.


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