Nordic 1000L heavy duty container


RPC Sæplast has introduced an enhanced design for its popular reusable Nordic 1000L heavy duty container.

The container has a net volume of 1045 litres. It has proved particularly popular for the handling and storage of large quantities of fish, as well as salt and ice, but is equally suited to other bulk applications in the food and waste industries.

The new double-walled design with a solid PE core has further increased the Nordic 1000L’s strength and durability, as well as ensuring a consistent tare weight. Greater shearing around the forklift hole provides improved access with less damage, while increased shearing on the sides delivers better wear resistance and easier cleaning.

The container is manufactured in 100% polyethylene and is available in a variety of colours. It can be further personalised through the incorporation of company logos, and tracking devices such as barcode, QR code or RFID technology can be specified. Drainage options include plastic threads, stainless steel thread or no drainage

The Nordic 1000L is compatible for use with lift trucks and pallet jacks on both the long and short sides and offers safe and high stacking. The new version is fully interchangeable with the previous one.

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