Paper Honey comb board

Paper Honey comb board in packaging can make the world a big environmental contribution by reducing the use of EPS

Corrugated board and Honey comb board is a good combination in packaging solutions.

Paper Honey comb and CBB: Honey comb fits very well as complementary value add packaging solution for the corrugated board box industry. Some CBB manufacturers already realized this and can see the paper honey comb as an important products for completing the CBB packaging  solutions and enable a more complete sustainable packaging solution for their important prominent clients.

Corrugated board and CBB (which does not need an  introduction ) is a very well know products and is the main and mostly used packaging material for boxes in the world.  CBB is a good fiber based solution for packaging   easy recyclable and valuable raw material for processing. The corrugated board is available nearly in every corner in the world locally and does not have to be transported long distances. What about Paper Honey Comb board then  ? More investments in local  honey comb manufacturing is needed world wide to replace especially EPS and get more sustainable packaging solutions.

Today many corrugated board  companies are focusing in the service and consolidation to bound the clients to one  source policy. The concept requires good  service, sourcing and  supply of different and more sustainable  materials and  complete solution as well as good material knowledge.  Here the honey comb board would be an important element and surplus for the supply of more sustainable total packaging solution( TPS).

The advantages of Paper Honey Comb board

Light – Rigid- Good cushioning – Good Insulation effect – Can be formed and die cut, Recycable. Honey comb board is also the ultimate and most optimal material for replacing unsustainable EPS ( polystyrene) solutions all over the world. Paper Honey comb is expensive to be transported and has to be manufactured as local as possible in the same way as CBB.  The industry using  EPS( polystyrene)  for packaging should consider to change to  honey comb solutions as the EPS is a  tremendous waste problem in the world. Hardly no good collection system for EPS except of burning in good modern power plants which are relatively non existing in development countries at least where a big part of the unsustainable waste is coming and ending up without a sustainable solution.

Honey comb can be formed and die cut to almost any shape and still be supplied flat which is a big advantage against EPS in funtionality.

Looking at the amount of  waste  in the Oceans or the waste  filling the garbage bins in cities – a big part is EPS. The use of EPS has to be restricted in packaging ( IKEA already did it ) and the paper honey comb should  for environmental reason be supported to replace as much as possible or all  EPS in packaging ( IKEA did it all ).

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