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Recycled bottle-to-bottle light barrier white opaque PET technically proven for the first time

Sukano and Sidel have proved that white opaque masterbatch formulations can be used in PET monolayer bottles, and still be processed at the same machine throughput using Sidel’s EvoBLOW, with no impact on colour, properties, functionality, or production rates. This formulation was designed by Sukano.

Sidel used recycled materials in its high-speed PET blowing machine to produce 25%, 50%, and 100% light barrier white opaque bottles.

The light barrier was adjusted by adding white PET masterbatch formulation, except in the 100% rPET content bottle.

Naima Boutroy, Global Packaging Expert from Sidel, said: “We saw no measureable difference in processing conditions or blowing output while processing the 100% recycled white PET material for Sukano-designed white masterbatches, even under the most challenging conditions.”

“While a few adjustments to the process may be needed to optimise the overall result, our joint achievement and proof of concept enables is to raise the bar, with great bottle mechanical and physical performances.”

Alessandra Funcia, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sukano, said: “Every local market is a key player to ensure that the circular economy does indeed join up.”

“We are happy to announce we have taken another step forward by confirming the recyclability of light barrier white opaque PET bottles, and most importantly, offering an alternative end of life that goes back into its original application.”

Source: British Plastics & Sukano media release

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