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For people suffering from arthroses or arthritis, opening a tube of pain relief ointment must be easy, comfortable and above all painless. In this context, Albéa, Berry and Verfora have pooled their expertise and developed a cap perfectly adapted to joint pain for Verfora’s PERSKINDOL® DOLO GEL 100ml tube. The product, which has just been launched on the Swiss market, will also be presented at Pharmapack in Paris this week. The tubes are manufactured at the German plant in Schesslitz.

Thanks to workshops with rheumatologists and patients, the team was able to develop a particularly soft capsule that requires no pressure to open – and close: Its wide, non-slip surface is specially designed to eliminate any strain on the joints. The capsule allows patients to open the tube very easily with only one finger or by leaning on a tabletop.

“The challenge was to produce a tailor made capsule specifically designed for our PERSKINDOL® DOLO GEL 100ml product in very limited quantities for industry standards – a challenge that was met by our two partners Albéa and Berry”,

– explains Emmanuelle Giry, Head of Verfora Global Business.”

“We are pleased to have contributed to this project, which now enables us to offer people with hand pain a tube tailored to their needs,”

– says Heike Amann-Grignon, Albéa’s Key Account Manager who is coordinating the project.


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