FiberFlute Product Launch

FiberFlute Product Launch

FiberFlute, an eco-friendly alternative to foam, is now globally available through Nefab.

FiberFlute is a sustainable packaging solution that is now available to companies all around the world, thanks to a partnership between Nefab Group AB (Nefab) and Corruven Canada Inc (Corruven). Through Nefab’s global footprint and exclusivity of Corruven’s FiberFlute, customers can protect their products while minimizing total costs and environmental impact.”Nefab’s customers benefit from smart packaging and logistics solutions designed to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. This is our purpose; we save resources in supply chains. Together with Corruven, we can now offer even more sustainable options to our customers” says Staffan Pehrson, Nefab’s President & CEO.“By combining Corruven’s unique product with Nefab’s global presence and packaging know-how, we will be able to provide a superior service to customers in Canada and abroad” says Bruno Volpé, Corruven’s CEO.

The Sustainability Challenge

According to data from EU, EBB, EPA & Simapro, 76% of plastic packaging is not recycled. Instead, they are either burned or ending up in landfills. This is urging companies to switch from plastic-based packaging like foam to more sustainable options like fiber-based packaging.

FiberFlute: an eco-friendly alternative to foam

FiberFlute is a sustainable packaging solution that provides outstanding cushioning performance for a wide range of products. FiberFlute is different from plastic-based packaging because it is 100% fiber-based and paper-recyclable solution. Moreover, FiberFlute can absorb more shock with less material compared to polyethylene foam, perform in both dry and humid conditions and resist multiple drops. Last but not least, its nestable shape is a smart space saver, resulting in lower inbound transportation and warehousing costs.

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