Dow Expands AGILITY™ Performance LDPE Family with a Unique Grade for Asia-Pacific

Dow announced today an expansion of its AGILITY™ PERFORMANCE LDPE Resins portfolio to address Asia Pacific packaging challenges by enabling thinner coatings at low to medium extrusion line speeds.

AGILITY™ EC 7030 Performance LDPE Resin is based on Dow’s novel patented advanced tubular technology, and addresses the needs created by Asia Pacific’s migration from autoclave to tubular polymerization technology. The new grade complements the broader AGILITY™ family, which now includes solutions for multiple line speeds and end-use applications.

Developed to meet and exceed the performance targets of conventional autoclave LDPE resins, AGILITY™ Performance LDPE Resins deliver a sustainable, long-term solution to the ageing autoclave LDPE asset base, while enabling lighter coating weights for greater material efficiency. Initial grades were designed for high line speeds, which are common in higher-end applications like aseptic packaging.

“AGILITY™ EC 7030 was developed in response to customer needs in Asia Pacific, who were looking for a resin that minimizes waste in terms of neck-in and edge beading, and provides excellent bond strengths and sealing performance,” said Kodak Xiao, marketing director of Packaging for Packaging and Specialty Plastics for Dow in Asia Pacific. “The solution provides the legacy benefits of the AGILITY™ platform, including high melt strength, in a grade that is well-suited for low to medium line speeds, which are popular in the region, and is designed to provide the best of both worlds – meeting processability requirements and enhancing key performance properties.”

Applications for AGILITY™ EC 7030 include snack packaging, sachets, lamitubes, paper cup stock, pharmaceutical packaging, liquid cartons, release paper, tarpaulin/woven fabric and geomembranes.

Customers can place orders directly with Dow or one of Dow’s distributors.

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