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Coca-Cola Amatil develops first 100% recycled carbonated soft drink bottles in Australia

Coca-Cola Amatil has produced Australia’s first carbonated soft drink bottles made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, in a major step forward for sustainability.

Group Managing Director Alison Watkins said while 100 per cent recycled plastic had previously been used in still beverages, it had never successfully been used for carbonated drinks.

All of Coca-Cola Amatil’s single-serve1 plastic bottles in Australia would now switch to the new fully recycled materials by the end of 2019.

Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil have previously announced that 7 out of 10 of their plastic bottles would be made from recycled plastic by 2020. This reduces Amatil’s use of virgin plastic by around 10,000 tonnes a year.

“This switch to 100 per cent recycled materials for carbonated beverages is an Australian first, and a real credit to our technical team,” Ms Watkins said.

“We think every beverage container should be recycled and live again, not become waste in our marine and land environment.

“But pressure inside a soft drink bottle is up to 100 psi, or three times the pressure in a car tyre. So the bottle for carbonated drinks needs to be much stronger than for still beverages, and that’s been an obstacle in using 100 per cent recycled materials for these types of drinks.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve overcome this challenge through innovation and design, and we’re now the first in Australia to make 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles for carbonated beverages.

“That’s great news for the sustainability of our products, and a credit to Australian innovation.”

Ms Watkins said community and commercial pressure was driving a rapid take-up of recycled materials in bottling. Amatil has also ceased distribution of plastic straws and partnered with Keep Australia Beautiful to target litter hotspots nationwide.

The new 100 per cent recycled plastic bottle range supports The Coca-Cola Company’s aspiration for a “World without Waste” – an ambition to help collect and recycle one bottle or can for each one it produces.

Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil’s commitment to using recycled plastic remains the largest of its type by beverage companies in Australia. The company’s Mount Franklin Still range was switched to 100% recycled plastic bottles in 2018.

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