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Bosch Packaging develops new packaging line for Vials

Based in Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology has launched a new packaging line called as “Eco | Save | Pack’’ for vials in Korea. This new packaging style is entirely based on cardboard packaging.

The line features a CUK cartoning machine, a wrap-around labeler and a Track & Trace system (CPS 1400) for product serialization to prevent spurious drugs. It is aimed at complete product safety. The vial infeed is possible through a flexible Delta robot picking system.

Eco | Save | Pack line offers high flexibility and can process a broader range of vial formats –  2ml – 100ml (ø15 -50 / height 37 – 93 mm) and different configurations:

> 10 or 5 vials per carton in vertical orientation with or without Eco | Save | Pack inlay and booklet at up to 400 vials per minute.

> 1 vial per carton in horizontal orientation with leaflet in C-shape at up to 260 vials in a minute.

It is environment friendly as it uses sustainable packaging material. The packaging line offers logistical advantages and saves costs as well as it is suitable for a broad range of further packaging formats and styles.

Notably, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been developed since 1950. Scientists anticipate that another 34 billion of plastic will be produced by 2050.

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