Kiwi Packaging

How Packaging Defined Success for Kiwi in India

Zespri International— world’s largest marketer of kiwi fruit states that India is the strongest emergent market for kiwis adding that among all exotic fruits, Kiwi has witnessed the fastest growth, with a compound annual growth rate of 80-100%. Therefore, packaging for higher quantities of kiwi emerged and became a significant factor in its consumption growth.

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Package Testing Technologies

Advances In Package Testing Technologies For E commerce & Logistics Business – Post Webinar Report

Packaging 360 organized a webinar on 8th October to focus on the technology aspects of recent advances made in the field of package testing through simulation & optimization for packaging transported through carious modes like air, sea & road. Another highlight of the webinar was an analysis & case study presentation from a leading logistics solution provider.

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Food & Beverage

How the coronavirus pandemic has affected the packaging industry ?

The coronavirus crisis has brought about unprecedented transformations at a global scale, and the packaging industry has been no exception.

While the consequences of COVID-19 have not been as negative for the packaging sector as they have for other industries, there have been significant trend shifts in relation to the future of packaging.

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Packaging Manufacturers
Engineering & Industrial

15 Essential Metrics And KPIs Guide for Packaging Manufacturers

Analyzing data within the packaging sector does not have to be rocket science. If you work with the correct production metrics and KPIs, it can be pretty easy to understand what is failing and what can be improved at your factory.To help you get that, PackIOT and Packaging 360 have developed a Free Guide to help you understand which are the most appropriate metrics to use in your factory.

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