Sigma CapSeal Continues to Modernize Induction Sealing Solutions Through Regular Innovation

Sigma CapSeal is a brand company of Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd, which manufactures induction heating, induction cap sealing, and welding equipment. We have been in this business for close to five decades and deliver solutions that match the changing demands of the industry. More than 80 countries globally trust our solutions for their induction cap sealing needs. By offering quality industrial solutions, we intend to make India a self-reliant country in all senses.

As a leading induction sealing solutions provider, we offer services to industries like healthcare, dairy, FMCG, special chemicals, personal care, confectionery, and more. We have customized solutions that meet precise production standards. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small or large production facility as our solutions are ideal for everyone.

One of our recent innovations has been Sigma Neo 65. It is an automatic induction sealer with an IP 65 enclosure. The arrangement helps in keeping the product free from water, dust, and oil. Depending on the size of the cap and bottle, the sealer has a maximum line speed of 12 meters per minute. It also comes with an inbuilt castor that enables mobility between lines. It is ideal for packaging coffee powder, CBD powder, tablets, and much more.

The induction heating principle finds universal acceptance in sealing containers of varied sizes. But as the container shape varies, the shape and size of their lip also change. There is thus a need for using different sealing heads in the production process. It directly affects the manufacturing processes and slows them down.

Earlier, manufacturers had to change the sealing head depending on the container shape. We have introduced a universal sealing head that eliminates this issue and speeds up production. Our range of induction sealing machines come with speeds of up to 100 feet per minute. Our sealing solutions comply with production norms and offer excellent reliability.

The universal sealing head can seal containers with sizes of 35-150mm. It can also accept containers with shapes like square, circular, and rectangular. Production businesses using the advanced coil design get fast and efficient batch production. This induction sealing solution is ideal for industries like pharmaceuticals, beauty care, personal care, dairy, nutraceuticals, and much more.


Vivek Chinoy is Marketing Director of Sigma CapSeal. He is an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience handling business operations of various sizes. He gets fascinated by distinct product packages in supermarkets and how they attract visitors to buy them among a host of other products.

Offering innovative and automated solutions to clients worldwide remains his prime objective. Furthermore, he believes in adhering to safety standards to the core and offering the best customer support through the best use of technology.

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