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Rombouts | Optimized Coffee Flavour & Simplified Production Process

Amcor, global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products, developed for Rombouts a new packaging solution.

Family owned and run coffee roaster, Rombouts, combines quality, innovation and sustainability with a packaging process that increases production efficiencies and enhances flavor.

Since Rombouts was founded in 1896, it has been focused on providing consumers the highest quality coffee. Today that means meeting high consumer expectations for the freshest coffee flavor, produced and packaged in a more sustainable way.

Providing consumers the best possible coffee experience includes the experience they have on airplanes. This is where Rombouts faced a challenge: the natural degassing process of roasted coffee accelerates at 35,000 feet altitude, causing coffee packaging to burst open during the flight. Rombouts had to find a solution to integrate a degassing system into the packaging without the need for a separate production line and valve application. Vento was the solution: a degassing system integrated into the packaging material.

Rombouts’ seamless transition to Vento packaging and how it has maintained barrier integrity and product freshness while also reducing its carbon footprint. Vento is up to 87% lighter than hard valves and allows energy savings by eliminating the need to power an applicator machine. This results in up to an 8% reduction in overall carbon footprint for a 250g pack.

“The Vento™ technology was really the right product for the right packaging line. The output of the line was even quicker than it was in the past, due to the fact that we don’t have to use a separate valve applicator on the line. By integrating the Vento™ valve into the film, the degassing process can easily go on without losing any flavors of the coffee.” – Nick Diels, Head of Purchase & Logistics.

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Giorgio Dini
Marketing Manager
Coffee Amcor

Marketing Manager in B2B environment, with long experience in Domestic+Export Sales and Key Account management.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE: expert in the main Food and Beverage markets in connection to packaging; now responsible for COFFEE, BEVERAGES AND CULINARY, in the previous years gained experience in other Food segments like Snacks, Confectionery, Ambient Ready Meals, Pet Food.

His skills include –

creativity (–> how to do things differently and better, how to invent new methodology),
strategic view (strategy and tactics to achieve mid-long term objectives) and negotiation through the ENS model (trained at
In addition, he successfully experienced new product launches.

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