PET jar

Contemporary PET jar design for Milk Chocolate Spreads

PROBLEM STATEMENT: How can we make milk chocolate spread jar more attractive to grab the attention of consumers?


To redesign chocolate spread jars by leveraging First moment of truth. This included standardizing the designs across multiple size SKUs (160g & 290g). Another goal was to gain better size impression on shelf leading to higher sales.

Milk Chocolate Spreads

Partners involved:

1) Structural Design – Oraios Packaging
2) PET Jar and PP Cap – Pearl PET
3) Shrink Sleeve – Huhtamaki PPL group


> Conducted market study
> Used mood boards for packaging inspiration
> Ideation taking inspiration from mood boards
> Finalized concepts shown to consumers (PET jar, PP Cap, Induction sealing wad and Shrink sleeve)

Bottle design


> 3D prototyping of jars for marketing approvals
> Design enhancements
> Digitally printed shrink sleeves for validation
> New mould validation and approval
> Changed basic 5 colour paper labels to 8 colour reverse printed shrink sleeves
> Cap tested with metallic colours and regular blue master batches

packaging design

Challenges faced during development:

Design constraints to maintain the overall volume of the existing jars.

Milk Choco Spread

To maintain the overall ratio of the shapes for both sku’s in available neck sizes of the preforms. With lot of design iterations we finalised 53mm for smaller sku and 63mm for bigger sku.

Minimum wall thickness of the jars were maintained similar to our existing design with lesser Preform weights which was cost beneficial.

Distortion of graphics in the shrink sleeve was a major issue observed during shrink sleeving operation due to the complex intrinsic design of the jar.

New custom-made shrink tunnel was installed for this application. It required extensive validation trials to achieve the desired effects on the shrink sleeve.

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