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Temperature-Controlled Packaging
Engineering & Industrial

Phase Change Materials – Game Changer For Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Covid-19 brought global supply chain to its knees. But what about the supply chain to fight the very pandemic? Collection of viral swab samples, diagnostic kits, and later, distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, all need a highly resilient and sustainable temperature-controlled supply chain. With over 70 % of 1.3 billion population still living in villages that are poorly connected to main stream transportation and are spread over a geography of 3.2 million square kilometres, temperature-controlled supply chain is a formidable challenge. Pluss Advanced Technologies, an Indian Innovator, ticks all checkboxes with their patented Phase Change Material (PCM) based temperature-controlled packaging- Celsure®, that is designed to provide over 120 hours of backup against the Indian extreme tropical climate without the risk of freezing the products.

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Packaging Design for Circularity

Circularity is all about keeping things in a loop and circulating them a number of times, getting more from less, and not wasting things and all of these become more important for a packaging designer as well as packaging engineer.

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tertiary packaging
Engineering & Industrial

What is tertiary packaging and how to optimize it

There are many variables and solutions to optimizing secondary and tertiary packaging through the right selection of the materials; testing the packaging; knowing the distribution cycle conditions and the products, etc.

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Fresh Cut Fruits

Packaging & Preservation of Fresh Cut Fruits

Cut fruits stored in a refrigerator or carried on the go, falling prey to unhygienic conditions is a common challenge. Recognizing the need for cut fruit plastic packaging which provides a natural and hygienic solution for storage, AVI Global Plast has developed an innovative new product.

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Packaging Design
Food & Beverage

Packaging Design in times of FSSAI

Packaged Food Industry is ever-growing as people are opting for convenient food due to paucity of time. Every day new brands are entering the market with packaged snacks, health foods, desserts and even complete meals on the go.

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