Dr.Anurag Kulshreshta

Dr.Anurag Kulshreshta is with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Saharanpur Campus

Dr.Anurag Kulshreshta

How flexible packaging saved human life during Covid-19 in India

This paper explains how flexible packaging helps to feed the people during the lockdown in India. Flexible packaging, typically known as multilayer packaging due to use of different layers of polymeric films and laminate them to perform as a single layer. Due to use of different family polymers, it turns out to be difficult to reuse and recycle. Increased consumption and control the waste of used pouches is a major challenge in India. So, many organizations and NGOs are demanding to ban the use of plastic in multilayer packaging. But, as explained in the perspective article, how multilayer packaging is contributing to save the society as well migrants and human life during lockdown in India and feed the migrants during Covid-19 situation but leaving challenge for collection and recycling.

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