Month: December 2022

How Amazon is Reducing Packaging

From reducing packaging to increasing the use of materials that can be easily recycled, Amazon is committed to reinventing how orders are shipped for the good of customers and the planet. We know customers care about the packaging used to ship their Amazon orders.

STADLER Designs and Installs State-of-The-Art Light Packaging Sorting Plant for TBM in Yokosuka, Japan

STADLER has designed the facility to automatically sort light plastic packaging and LIMEX, an environmentally friendly,limestone based material developed and produced by TBM. The plant will be part of a collaboration between TBM and the city of Yokosuka to promote the collection and recycling of plastic waste and LIMEX for the entire city and surrounding areas. TBM also plans to use the plant to develop a pioneering resource recycling model with the aim of contributing to a decarbonized society.

ThermoFibre partners with PulPac – Brings Dry Molded Fiber Products to market

The shift from single-use plastics continues as ThermoFibre joins the PulPac eco-system as the next licensee to expand its offer with Dry Molded Fiber products. In connection with becoming a licensee, ThermoFibre ordered the PulPac Modula, a Dry Molded Fiber production line that will be installed in the company’s facility in Lincolnshire, UK, next year. Primary first applications will be high-volume products such as food trays, lids, cutlery and the like.