Month: September 2022

Black Plastics Recycling: Towards a Circular Economy

Altshausen, 14September, 2022–Plastic packaging serves important functions in modern life, and we have come to rely on it heavily. It is an exceptional product that, however, has a significant end-of-life problem. This is especially true of black plastic, which until very recently couldn’t be detected with the available technology, Near Infrared (NIR). “The emitter shines a light on the material and the sensor takes a reading of the energy that is reflected back,” says Enrico Siewert, Director of Product and Market Development at STADLER. “However, carbon black absorbs the light, so the signal doesn’t bounce back and the sensor doesn’t get a reading. This means that black plastic is undetectable with the technology that is widely deployed in the recycling infrastructure.”

UPM Specialty Papers Introduces Heat Sealable and Recyclable UPM Confidio and UPM Confidio Pro Barrier Papers Designed for Dry and Frozen Foods

(UPM, Helsinki, 14 September 2022 at 10:00 EEST) – UPM Specialty Papers presents the latest innovative additions to its extensive selection of sustainable and recyclable packaging papers. UPM Confidio™ and UPM Confidio™ Pro combine moisture-, and grease resistance with excellent heat sealing properties. This makes the materials stand out in the market and offers a concrete competitive edge.

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