Month: August 2022

PFF Group’s Packaging Division Has Completed A Full-Scale Production Trial Using NEXTLOOPP’s Prototype Post-Consumer Food-Grade Compliant Recycled Polypropylene (PP) Resin, PPristine.

This marks a key milestone for the pioneering NEXTLOOPP project which is a global initiative launched by sustainability consultant Nextek, that aims to produce the first commercially available high-quality food-grade PP (FGrPP), closing the loop on food-grade PP.PFF’s trial centered on the production of a 350g Desto banderole pot, typically used in hot fill applications such as porridge, where PP is typically used for its ability to cope with high temperatures.

BillerudKorsnäs Collaborates with Arttek Solutions To Replace Plastic Straws in India

Manufacturer of sustainable paper straws, Arttek Solutions in Bengaluru India, under the Arttek Enviro brand, is dedicated to the exciting task to replace plastics in drinking straws. Arttek Solutions has chosen to collaborate with BillerudKorsnäs to drive innovation, selecting BillerudKorsnäs ConFlex Glaze as its straw material. A 100% recyclable and sustainable high-quality MG speciality paper, made from FSC®- certified Scandinavian forests.

Wash-off Adhesives for Labels

Our wash-off adhesives stick permanently to a wide variety of surfaces and remove cleanly once their life cycles are complete. They enable easy recirculation of plastic and metal crates, boxes, pallets, kegs and other multi-use containers.

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