Day: March 4, 2021

Marking beverage cups

New marking requirement for disposable plastic beverage cups

From July 3, 2021, “cups for beverages” that are placed on the market in the EU will be required to bear an informative marking in accordance with the Single-Use Plastics Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/904). This is a specific symbol in a particular shape, size, and color, with text in the language of the country in which the cup is being marketed. Directive (EU) 2019/904 requires marking for certain disposable plastic items that are often disposed of improperly. This marking is intended to inform consumers about the presence of plastic in the product as well as the negative impacts of littering resulting from inappropriate disposal of the product.

SWM combiMaxx

Schwarzwaldmilch first to opt for SIG’S Innovative Combimaxx Closure

The first commercial launch of SIG’s innovative and highly convenient closure combiMaxx has taken place in partnership with well-known German dairy Schwarzwaldmilch. Consumer demand for more convenience in packaging is constantly growing. SIG’s new wider closure combiMaxx is a solution which takes convenience to a new level, while also ensuring smooth and easy implementation on existing SIG filling lines. Schwarzwaldmilch now offers combiMaxx on all its dairy products in SIG’s combiblocSlimline 1,000ml carton packs. Due to its large opening with a 25mm inner diameter, the new closure offers optimal product flow, perfect stream controllability and easy handling. Other benefits include a tamper-proof ring and the reassurance of resealable and leak-proof storage.

Organic Pigment Selection

Organic Pigment Selection for Food Packaging Application

The packaging is an essential tool utilized by the food business operators to differentiate the products from others. Beyond shelf appeal, packaging also provides protection to the products form physical, chemical, and microbiological hazards. Packaging materials can be a source of chemical contamination and may impact food safety and food quality. Among the different components of packaging material, packaging inks play a vital role as they might hamper product and consumer safety. Each packaging ink is a mixture of different chemicals and some of these chemicals might be harmful while holding the potential to migrate to the foodstuff when getting in contact. In terms of risk, the chemicals could be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, repro-toxic and even endocrine disruptors. The government has imposed stringent regulations to protect consumers from the harmful effects of printing ink used. Thus, growing stringent regulation to use organic pigments had expected to boost the market growth.


Toppan Develops TOPMER™ Adhesive for Digital Printing

Toppan recently announced “SOCIAL-VALUE™ Packaging,” part of the “TOPPAN S-VALUE™ Packaging” range targeting added value for society and fulfilling living. The SOCIAL-VALUE™ lineup includes the Toppan FP Digital Solution, which was launched in 2016 to provide flexible packaging optimized for multiple product types in small lots in response to the evolution of market needs from traditional mass production. Toppan FP Digital Solution also addresses the increasing number of roles packages are expected to fulfill to enhance differentiation from rival products in stores. The COVID-19 pandemic, meanwhile, has changed consumer attitudes, driving growth of markets related to home cooking, pre-prepared foods, take-out, and delivery. This has therefore increased demand for products that can be prepared simply and quickly.

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