Day: March 1, 2021

GME 30.40 neck finish

BERICAP tethered solution available for the GME 30.40 neck finish

The International Technical Centre for Bottling and Related Packaging CETIE is in the process of defining a new neck standard for carbonated beverages. The new GME 30.40 neck standard has a thread diameter of only 26mm, reducing the weight of the neck and closure by between 1.4g and 1.7g, depending on the diameter of the neck support ring. The neck standard takes the latest trend of neck support ring diameter reduction – from the former standard of 33mm down to 29mm – into account. In contrast to other 26mm, neck standards GME 30.40 will perform safely under all climatic conditions on bottle sizes of up to 3ltr.


Holland Colours announces the introduction of Thermostretch

Holland Colours announces the introduction of Thermostretch, a new answer to one of the biggest challenges facing PET packaging manufacturers: how to accelerate PET production while maintaining a high level of light barrier protection. PET packaging offers several significant advantages over traditional packaging, including freedom of design and improved recyclability. PET systems also support fast production speeds and simple and quick mold-change turnaround times. Result: one machine can produce many different sizes of bottles. This efficiency provides significant bottom-line savings.


Holland Colours Offers Pet Bottlers & Drink Brands More Options

Low dosing, enhanced recyclability, and major reductions in scrap rate and energy consumption – Holland Colours is expanding its TasteGuard range of additives for PET with the addition of two new AA scavenger products: TasteGuard Liquid and the highly loaded solid TasteGuard Ultramax – the first of its kind. Along with the first generation TasteGuard, both products can be combined with colors and additional functional additives as a 1-pack solution. Holland Colours’ TasteGuard range has been proven to be as effective as, or even more than, other commercially available solutions. With the launch of TasteGuard Liquid and TasteGuard Ultramax, Holland Colours is offering bottled water brands new options depending on their market, sustainability goals, brand positioning, cost base, and their suppliers’ production technology.

Ecologic bottle

The Sustainable Ecologic Refill Kit

Who isn’t a fan of multi-functional products that make tedious tasks faster and more efficient? Now take this concept and make it sustainable, too. Ecologic Brands is all about feel-good construction and materials that positively transform our consumers’ lifestyles. The Refill Kit does exactly this and more. The Refill Kit lends itself to multiple departments because of its wide array of uses, such as home cleaning, pet care, food, personal care, plant and garden, and many more. It is also a great gift and offers learning opportunities at home (where we’re all spending a lot more time nowadays). As a bonus, this kit also includes a built-in funnel on the box and a non-toxic recipe brochure provided by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners for household cleaners and soaps.

Expanding Possibilities with TAFMER™

In our world today, there is a growing plastic waste problem, and solving it is a major challenge. Plastic waste pollutes the marine ecosystem and devastates ocean environments. All companies using plastic (resins) need to change the way they do business. That’s where an important shift comes in – a change from the environmentally damaging business cycle of production-consumption-disposal to the sustainable cycle of production-consumption-collection-recycle. We promote material recycling that involves the re-use of plastic waste. A key shift is also occurring in bioplastics, which helps to lower our carbon footprint and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel resources.


The new HYDRO-X GA Water Barrier Coating

hubergroup Print Solutions is launching a barrier coating that protects against water. It is particularly suitable for surface printing in the packaging industry, both in the food and non-food sectors. By using a revised formulation of the binding agents for the water-based coating, there is no longer any need for PE film lamination as a water barrier. Paper packaging with a barrier coating can be recycled in the already well-established paper recycling system. Changing from conventional packaging to pure paper packaging with a barrier coating is a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly option. The HYDRO-X GA Water Barrier Coating is now available worldwide.

HUL to be plastic waste-neutral this year

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) will achieve 100% plastic waste collection this calendar year. This means the FMCG giant will collect and process more plastic packaging waste than it uses. In the process, HUL will become the first FMCG company of a large scale to achieve plastic waste neutrality.
This year onwards, HUL will enable the processing of over 1 lakh tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste through the collection from all states and Union Territories, covering over 100 towns. During the calendar year 2020, HUL had collected and facilitated environmentally safe disposal of almost 60,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

big tab liner

ALKOflex™ tab: Consumer preferred big tab liner

ALKOflex™ tab is one of the latest innovations out of the Meyer Seals® ‘induction family’. To uncover the views of the public, independent research was conducted by Consumer Link in London. The respondents were men and women aged between 21 and 65, a cross-section of the population regularly purchasing the three target categories milk, condiments, and coffee. Clearly, consumers prefer the ALKOflex™ tab over other currently used induction seal liners, rating it the best easy to open product. ALKOflex™ tab is different from the conventional seals but at the same time has proven to be familiar to the respondents. From the youngest to the oldest ALKOflex™ tab meets the needs of all consumers with an intuitive opening.

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