Month: February 2021

mondi aegispaper product

AegisPaper – A Range of Recyclable Barrier Papers for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has successfully developed a new recyclable functional barrier paper range. Designed with protection in mind, this range of certified recyclable barrier paper solutions is fully integrated across Mondi’s value chain—from paper production to the barrier application—and can run on existing filling lines for form-fill-and-seal (FFS) applications.

Recycle Pet bottles

Recycle PET bottles-Challenges around plastic packaging

To build awareness and encourage action, all 100% rPET package labels will include “Recycle Me Again” messaging. In fact, four different areas on the packaging will educate people about recycling. A primary goal of the “Endlessly Refreshing” campaign – which also will include outdoor, radio, in-store and social/digital communications, plus touch-free experiential activation

Garnier Solid Shampoo A Step Further Towards Sustainability.

Garnier Solid Shampoo: A Step Further Towards Sustainability.

Garnier, the world’s leading natural beauty brand, is committed to the growing quest for natural solutions and ways to respect the environment. The brand has reinvented its iconic Ultra Doux line thanks to a new format: the solid shampoo.The result of Garnier’s desire to provide consumers with greener sciences and formulas, these shampoos contain no soap, sulfates, preservatives or silicones, and they are vegan.


SIPA has designs on edible oil bottling lines.

SIPA has strength in depth in plant engineering. Customers can consult with its experts to obtain optimum solutions that save them money and space while delivering the quality they need to be strong in the market. The evidence speaks for itself: SIPA has installed hundreds of lines for edible oil all around the world.SIPA has also been making important progress in filling, capping and labeling solutions. Customers get the optimal solution for their particular application, weight filling equipment provides an excellent example.

carbon neutrality

Less fossil materials and closer to carbon neutrality.

HKScan is taking great strides towards carbon neutrality. Product packaging is one key area of focus in the company’s efforts to achieve this goal.Our goal is to ensure that all our packaging is recyclable by the end of 2025, at the latest. At the same time, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging by 20 per cent and the amount of packaging plastics by 20 per cent from the levels.

New compostable packaging doubles shelf life.

New compostable packaging doubles shelf life.

Tipa’s compostable packaging performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes in compost back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants. Its packaging solutions can also fit with industry machinery and manufacturing practicesThe company said the market is expected to increase from US$160.8bn to US$200.5bn by 2025.

Ep 4 - Global Perspectives in Pharma Packaging with Sriman Banerjee

Ep 4 – Global Perspectives in Pharma Packaging with Sriman Banerjee

In this episode of Packaging Talks, Sriman Banerjee – global expert in pharma packaging – shares his knowledge & experience on diverse subjects including worldwide trends, importance of packaging, storage transportation in the successful delivery of COVID-19 vaccine. He also emphasizes the value proposition of smart & intelligent packaging for the benefit of the community. …

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‘One shot’ packaging solution

‘One shot’ packaging solution integrates active and intelligent technologies

Embrapa, a Brazilian state research company, created in partnership with Siena Company, a Brazilian startup, has created a package that delivers active and intelligent solutions in one shot, according to a report in the Internet of Packaging journal, AIPIA’s partner in the country. Through software created by Siena for smartphones, QR Codes embedded in Embrapa’s packaging and low-cost sensors with nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, the solution favours both companies in the supply chain and end consumers, ensuring the food safety and quality, for nearby markets and even exports. RFID can be integrated within this solution.

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