Day: February 11, 2021

Recycle Pet bottles

Recycle PET bottles-Challenges around plastic packaging

To build awareness and encourage action, all 100% rPET package labels will include “Recycle Me Again” messaging. In fact, four different areas on the packaging will educate people about recycling. A primary goal of the “Endlessly Refreshing” campaign – which also will include outdoor, radio, in-store and social/digital communications, plus touch-free experiential activation

Garnier Solid Shampoo A Step Further Towards Sustainability.

Garnier Solid Shampoo: A Step Further Towards Sustainability.

Garnier, the world’s leading natural beauty brand, is committed to the growing quest for natural solutions and ways to respect the environment. The brand has reinvented its iconic Ultra Doux line thanks to a new format: the solid shampoo.The result of Garnier’s desire to provide consumers with greener sciences and formulas, these shampoos contain no soap, sulfates, preservatives or silicones, and they are vegan.

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