Month: November 2020

adhesive materials

New standard adhesive materials for clear-on-clear applications

Two ultra-clear transparent OPP films for practically invisible labels. The recently developed adhesive 62C is extremely transparent and offers the very best processing and adhesive properties. “These two new adhesive materials extend our standard range in a market segment in which our customers can harness additional potential.”


How flexible packaging saved human life during Covid-19 in India

This paper explains how flexible packaging helps to feed the people during the lockdown in India. Flexible packaging, typically known as multilayer packaging due to use of different layers of polymeric films and laminate them to perform as a single layer. Due to use of different family polymers, it turns out to be difficult to reuse and recycle. Increased consumption and control the waste of used pouches is a major challenge in India. So, many organizations and NGOs are demanding to ban the use of plastic in multilayer packaging. But, as explained in the perspective article, how multilayer packaging is contributing to save the society as well migrants and human life during lockdown in India and feed the migrants during Covid-19 situation but leaving challenge for collection and recycling.

Production Analytics

Production Analytics or MES: Which Solution Is Best for My Packaging Factory?

“Ever wondered what are the main differences between Production Analytics and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and what they can do for your packaging factory? In this article, PackIOT’s goal is to help you understand and identify what distinguishes these two systems and help you make better decisions for your business. While it is possible to identify common functionalities between production analytics and MES, they are very different tools used for different jobs. Considering that most manufacturing companies consist of fluid operations with continual change in schedules and needs, production analytics might really be what will leverage your business to the next level.”


Siegwerk enables antimicrobial coatings for film application using the Lock 3 technology

Siegwerk, one of the leading suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, and Varcotec, a specialist for technically sophisticated overprint varnishes made for the printing industry, have entered into a distribution partnership for Varcotec’s Lock 3 antimicrobial coating technology in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This innovative dispersion varnish is the first of its kind, and was developed in cooperation with a spin-off company affiliated with the University of Regensburg, Germany. The antimicrobial effectiveness of this product has already been confirmed by several independent testing institutions.

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